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An unofficial gathering of people who are interested in Flashtrek
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 The UPA Story

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PostSubject: The UPA Story   Fri 17 Oct - 3:53

I had the idea for this just now so tell me what you think so far '
PS don't critisies me for my spelling

The UPA story

In 2045 a group of one million Americans of every race and ethnic group left earth to escape WWIII this is there story. And one family can save them

CH1 : April 4 2045 9:45pm : leaving

“Come on Elisa we have to go now!” a man says with a tone of fright and anger in his voice.

“Daddy why do we have to leave?” a young girl of 7 is in bed rubbing here eyes.

“Home isn’t safe any more come now mother is ready to go and you should be too” Her father grabs he arm and pulls her out of bed.

“But I don’t wanna go right now!” the girl complains

“Look we don’t have a choice now get some close and the cat the lat Z-700 passenger create is leaving soon”

“Okay…” the girl shrugs and gets up”

“the transport is leaving in 15 come on lets get going”

They leave there home and head for a large space ship standing on its tail with people crowding around it. As the Elisa, her dad, and her mom near the ship the get separated by the frantic crowd.

“MOMMY DADDY!” Elisa franticly calls out will being pushed into the ship.

“ELISA ELISA!” her dad calls out as the ship takes off.

Elisa mom and dad look up at the ship as a nuclear warhead heads for the town. It impacts and the blast chases the ship as it just barley makes it away.

CH2 : twenty years into exile

“Admiral Hackett”

“Yes commander Duncan?” an older man sits in the center chair of the SS Enterprise you know this because around the bridge there is a plaque with the name on it.

“Their’s a anomalous reading on the scanners. Sir.” Commander Elisa Duncan is now 27 and is beautiful with black hair, blue eyes and at 5’5” tall was an average height. She had married only one month before and was expecting a boy in nine months”

“What can you make of it?” The shot grey admiral was in charge of 1000 ships and near one million lives. He wasn’t planning on taking any chances

“It appears to be a ship.” said Elisa

“Any type of transmissions coming from it?” inquired the admiral .

“Strange it’s giving off light waves.” the commander said

“Light waves?”

“Light waves and radio waves Sir.”

“Any type of communications?”

“A type of message I can’t decipher. Of course it wouldn’t be in English.”

“What did you expect. Can we get a visual?”

“Yes Sir” Elisa said wile punching up on here keyboard. As if by magic the computer screen at the front of the bridge filled with an ominous green ship with what looked like wings painted on it’s wings.

“Tactical alert!” barked the admiral as red flashing lights came on

“Energize plasma fields and activate combat computers” said the lieutenant sitting next to Elisa.

“Prepare lasers and masers. Open the torpedo hatch for fire. Coordinate fire with the i]Natchez[/i], Cutty Sark and the Constitution . Don’t fire until they…” the Enterprise is rocked by an explosion “FIRE!” screamed the admiral.

As the green ship with red wings engaged the enterprise the Constitution fired a torpedo at the ship wile the Cutty Sark and the Enterprise fired the beams of pure energy at the vessel scoring impacts on its hull leaving lines of scorched ship. Despite the intensity of the attack the green ship fired back at them green bolts of energy flashed from the tips of the wings impacting on a green field around the Cutty Sark. As this happened the Natchez came up and fired on the enemies neck severing it. The lifeless ship now floated in space with bodies of ridge headed men floating around it.

“Target has been neutralized Sir!” exclaimed the ensign at the weapons consul. “Sir?” as every one looks at the admiral they see him sitting there eyes closed he is not bearthing.
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The UPA Story
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