An unofficial gathering of people who are interested in Flashtrek
I would like to thank all users that were active on this forum for their dedication. I am happy to announce however that I am now going by the name B0rgDr0n3 and my new forum is at

This is to take the place of as it is once again down, however I would like to reassure everyone that this time I'm staying. I have a new game source that I am working on, based on Broken Mirror physics but with a great many surprises so come across and join in the action.

Kindest Regards,

B0rgDr0n3 A.K.A. Dondon

An unofficial gathering of people who are interested in Flashtrek
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 Holy #$%^ its been a long time

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PostSubject: Holy #$%^ its been a long time   Fri 21 Aug - 10:04

well, its not like me not being on was ever new, and the fact that dondon is back was the reason i came back, seeing my name on a web search( the word agentaaa has 5 pages with over three quarters of them being me). i saw an old forum post and looked at it for kicks. then is saw the dondon is back message and i was like OMGHOLYSHITOHMYFUCKINGGODGOODLORDICANTBELIEVEIT!
that being said, i will explain my leave of absence.
i had to deal with a lot of crap at school, and Dondon leaving didn't exactly help my attention span.
due to my grandmothers finances getting screwed up, we spent a month in prince george without access to a computer. When i got back, a lot of personal problems erupted, and by the time my life settled down, i had admittedly forgotten all about the website. when i decided to come back and go on tracers forum, i was again help down by my failing grades, and was banned from even thinking about the computer. I got into a lot of other things, such as writing mediocre naruto fanfics and getting a grade higher than c-. Finally, life has let me come back once more, reborn like the phoenix to DESTROY YO_ oh wait, its the nursing home i'm destroying. as i was saying i've come to rejoin the forums.
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PostSubject: Re: Holy #$%^ its been a long time   Sat 22 Aug - 11:11

Well, this forum is practically dead, so you might as well stay on the Gathering.
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Holy #$%^ its been a long time
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