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An unofficial gathering of people who are interested in Flashtrek
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 NAruto: the new chronicles

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PostSubject: NAruto: the new chronicles   Fri 21 Aug - 11:36

a fanfic im working on, its a start to my writing hobby.



DISCLAIMER: I don’t own, pretend to own, or pretend to pretend to own Naruto. It is the fine work of Masashi Kimimoto. This is just a tribute to his fine work to entertain the few people who will read it.
Also, while we share a name, the Scott in the story and the Scott writing this are two different people in VERY different circumstances.

“ I still cant believe they split up” said Scott. He had had a bad day so far, his parents announcing their divorce and then asking him…no, pressuring him to come with them, and to forget the other parent entirely. Both mom and Dad had a slew of reasons why it was the others fault, and why he’d be better off with him or her instead.
He’d seen this coming for a while. The constant fighting, the yelling, the arguments that rapidly got physical. And then they would come up to him and pretend everything was fine, thinking he was still 6 years old and that he still believed daddy’s knife slipped or mom banged her head on the coffee table. They didn’t really care about him any more, so consumed in fighting with each other. Since he was 8 years old he had cooked all the meals, cleaned the house, did all the laundry, got himself off to school, made the beds, replaced the lights because he was the only one who cared enough to do that. The one time he slept over at his friends house, he came home to blood on the carpet, laundry all over, pots and pans strewn everywhere, and his mother holding back his fathers knife hand while he used his free hand to stop her from hitting him with a frying pan. They told him they were simply stage acting, of course, And he pretended to believe them.
The only thing that kept him sane was reading manga and watching anime. In a manga, people had morals, ideals, and power to change their circumstances.
His favorite was Naruto, because it had the ideal that if you worked hard enough at it, your dreams could come true, real. Of course, his dream was unattainable, for his dream was to live in the world of Naruto.
At that point, he was thinking about how cool it would be to live in the Naruto world, and imagined all the cool things he could do.
“Snap out of it”, he told himself. He had only a half hour to get to the Manga shop.
He walked uneventfully, reaching the store in about 5 minutes.
The shopkeeper, Mr. kashi, looked at him serenely,” here to get the newest copy of Naruto, hmmm…”.
” I wish I could, but I got laid off from the deli and now I don’t have any cash“.
“What are you doing here, then?
“just browsing, really.”
“No, I mean what are you doing here“? it’s a thirty minute walk to here from your house, I should know, I live across from you”.
“ I dunno, guess it’s just better being here than at home.”
The old man looked at him, peering through his large monocle, the other eye lost in a war long ago, which now has an eye patch over the wound.

“you’re doing on better with your parents”?
“worse. They are splitting up now, and both of them are trying to convince me to come with them somewhere.
”The old man peered at him carefully, as if judging him to be worthy of something.
“so you’re truly not happy with your life?”
Well, ya, my only friend is Jesse, and he just moved. Honestly, there’s not much I care about anymore. Almost makes me sick.
Kashi straightened suddenly, a look of purpose in his eyes, “come here, I have something to show you”.
They slowly walked into the backroom. “WOW, there must be HUNDREDS of manga in here”, exclaimed Scott.
“yes, but the one I’m about to show you is special”, Mr. kashi walked over to the small wooden chest in the back, proceeding to take out a small key from his pocket. Unlocking the padlock, he procured a small book from the chest. “here” said Mr. Kashi, “this is my gift to you”. “Thanks, Mr. Kashi!” exclaimed Scott. “Naruto: the new chronicles, eh? Is this a retelling of the story?”. “You could say that” said Mr. Kashi, smiling.
“Anyhow, I have to close the shop, so I’m afraid I’ll have to kick you out.”
Scott ambled out of the store after saying a quick goodbye to the kind shopkeeper.
“ and enjoy your new book!” Mr. kashi yelled as Scott walked away.
Scott walked for 20 minutes before stopping to take a quick rest. He dreaded going home to all the chaos and confusion of his life.
“well, might as well start reading this book Mr. Kashi gave me, I gotta remember to get a good birthday present for him this year.” But when Scott opened up the book, all the pages were blank. “Eh?” Scott mused, wondering if the old man had played him for a fool. Suddenly, a strong wind actually sucked Scott’s hands into the book, where they went into the pages. “WHA-” was all he could manage to get out before being fully pulled in by the book. The book then itself imploded leaving no trace of it or of Scott but a small plastic bag, blowing down the street like a tumbleweed in the desert.



DISCLAIMER: I don’t own, pretend to own, or pretend to pretend to own Naruto. It is the fine work of Masashi Kimimoto. This is just a tribute to his fine work to entertain the few people who will read it.
Also, while we share a name, the Scott in the story and the Scott writing this are two different people in VERY different circumstances.

Scott awoke to see a pink-haired girl, her face looming over him. She wore a red dress, with a white circle on the bottom of it and another circle on the back off the dress, near the top. She wore a pair of tight shorts underneath the dress, with bandages wrapped along one leg. The Bandages held on to a small pouch, with a small button clasp.
” Am I in heaven, or are you the angel sent to take me there”. The pink-haired girl giggled” you’re still alive, don’t worry, but you shouldn’t move excessively, or you‘ll aggravate your injury”. ”I’m injured?” Scott questioned “ I can’t remember-” suddenly , a loud yell was heard,” come back with our meal ticket”. A group of unkempt men, with ripped shirts and filthy jeans, running towards them, clubs raised in their hands.”not these guys again” remarked a blond spiky-haired kid , visibly annoyed. He wore a loud orange jumpsuit, with many little bangles and trinkets, and a bandage with a pouch on his right pant leg just like the girl had.” Hey, you look just like Naruto!” Scott realized, “How do you know my name” said Naruto, confused by this strange person that they rescued.
“Naruto, they’re getting closer!” shouted the pink haired girl” let’s go!”. “wha!” Scott stood up, surprised as these 2 people he had seen right after waking suddenly take off towards the mob of people. The pink haired girl - “Sakura!” Scott realized - went first, delivering a kick to the head to the leader of the mob, who fell like a ton of bricks. a group of them tried to surround Sakura, but she merely jumped out of the mob with superhuman agility, throwing a kunai with an explosive tag in their midst. The last thing Scott heard from that part of the mob was “OH SHI-!” before the tag went off in a huge explosion. Naruto ran straight into the mob, slashing the ear off one of the men with his kunai and stabbing one in the leg with the other. Suddenly, the entire mob converged on Naruto, “now you’re too outnumbered to win, heh heh“ one of them boasted.” Heh, are you sure” Naruto asked, grinning, “shadow clone jutsu!”. Scott knew of Naruto’s shadow clone jutsu and watched him use it in the anime tons of times, but seeing it on T.V and seeing it in real life are two very different things. Before Scott’s astonished eyes, 20 copies of Naruto materialized out of thin air. Outnumbered and outclassed, the bandits nevertheless fought hard, but in the end they were no match for the blonde ninja’s devastating technique. Scott breathed a sigh of relief, grateful one problem was over at least. Of course, though Scott, I still have no clue what’s going on…Naruto and Sakura ran back to Scotts’ position. Naruto started talking, “listen, we have to take you back to our village to see granny Tsunade, our Hokage. I know it’s a pain, but-“,he was cut off by a huge explosion that rocked the earth beneath their feet. A voice, low and sharp, was heard booming, “ you have something I want, children. Give me the boy, genin, and I promise not to hurt you, refuse, and I shall strip the flesh from your bones”.” who do you think you-” Naruto was interrupted by a slicing pain, a small hole appeared in his shoulder. Two senbons, perfectly aimed, proceeded to hit both Naruto and Sakura in the neck. Naruto and Sakura both toppled over, unconscious. “Humph“ the voice complained “, I only put them in a death state instead of killing them. Oh well, it’s just not easy, throwing at 500 meters“. Scott became afraid, realizing that this man COULD kill him in an instant. what does he want with me, Scott wondered, and for that matter, why me?. suddenly, a blue, square and flat square of blue energy opened in front of Scott. A tall man emerged through the square, in front of Scott. He wore simple backshift and pants, with a small image of a red half moon on the shoulder being the only feature. The man was slight, but strong, with a large face and purple eyes. His hair was chocolate brown, spiky, and had a single hair that fell down across his face. His eyes looked cold and dark, as if he truly didn’t see through him. He seemed to radiate fear, with but a glance he terrified Scott. ”Now just to check if you have the power, The man said, a savage grin on his face as he prepared to throw a senbon. “No, don’t!” Scott screamed, more than a little terrified of the figure in front of him. The man threw the senbon at Scott, directly for the head. Something seemed to click inside Scott, and when next he looked the senbon was caught in his hand, his hand firmly clenched around it. “I did that?” Scott said, astonished and confused. “Hehe, seems you do have the power.” the man smirked maliciously “maybe a little too much. Too much potential here, yes. I’ll just tell him you gave me no choice but to end your worthless life.”. the man picked another senbon out of his pocket “I’ll be getting rid of the one obstacle keeping me from the master, and Rixxir will be his right hand foreve-” “Chidori!” was heard a second before the grey-haired man known to Scott as Kakashi. His hand was enveloped in a blue aura of chakra, with lightning moving around it. He thrust this hand into Raxxer’s chest, going right through it. Raxxer screamed in pain, stumbling” this isn’t over. Suddenly a blue portal appeared in the floor below Raxxer, which he fell through before the portal closed. Kakashi suddenly turned to look at Scott and the unconscious Naruto and Sakura ,” You guys have had a tough time of it, haven’t you?”.
They walked back to the village slowly and cautiously, in case anyone else attacked them. Scott was awe-struck by it. The massive wooden gate with Konohas’ symbol was breathtaking and the village itself felt so friendly and peaceful. Heading through the village at a brisk pace, looking at all the sights, Scott realized this was definitely no dream. When they finally reached the 5th Hokages‘ office, Scott was starting to show exhaustion and was breathing heavily when he, Sakura, Naruto , and Kakashi finally reached her office. Tsunade was a tall woman, blonde, with two small ponytails in the back. She wore simple blue pants and high-heeled sandals. She had a simple gray shirt and a green overcoat on, with a kanji Scott didn’t recognize on the back. A red gem was on her forehead. “Well, Kakashi, who is this outsider, and why have you brought him here”. “I found him with my squad, the only one not in a death state, I then saw Rixxir, who threw a senbon straight at his heart” Kakashi explained.” I went to intercept him, but was too slow. Surprisingly though, he managed to catch the senbon himself, which allowed me to hit Rixxir with a raikiri”.
“You, boy! Have you had any shinobi training?!” Tsunade barked.” N-no, I didn’t even know you people existed in real life until today” Scott stammered.” What do you mean?” Tsunade asked. “Well, to put it plainly, I think I come from another world, or a much different part of the world“ Scott explained. “What is different about this world.” Tsunade asked, curious. “Well, we don’t have shinobi and the only place your world is known of is an a manga comic, that focuses on Naruto
” ALL RIGHT, I HAVE MY OWN COMIC BOOK!” Naruto yelled, overjoyed. “DO I GET ANY COOL OTHER POWERS? DO I BECOME HOKAGE? DO I GET A GIRLFRIEND?” Naruto questioned.” Naruto, please quit badgering this guy so we can find out more“, Tsunade asked,“ Now, what is your name, boy?”. “S-S-Scott, ma’am” Scott stammered, still taken aback by all the confusion. “Now, do you know why Rixxir was after you, and how did you catch one of HIS senbon“ Tsunade asked politely. “ I don’t know the answers to either of those questions, and I don’t understand who that guy is“ Scott answered. Tsunade took a small sip of tea before answering” Rixxir is a b-rank criminal, known for his ability to make portals and his ability to increase the speed of anything he threw up to 1200 miles per hour. He left his village after he killed an academy student who he thought wanted to kill him. He is very paranoid, and rarely works for anyone, but Kakashi‘s report states he referenced someone as his leader“. “you sent out a report, Kakashi-sensei?” Naruto inquired. “yes, while you were sleeping. I sent it by carrier-pigeon.” Kakashi replied. Tsunade continued “ well, since you seem to have no place to go, and since Rixxir’s after you, I guess that leaves me one option. Scott, you will bunk with Naruto for the meantime, and I will give you a pass for a free meal at Ichiraku ramen for your supper tonight” Tsunade stated as Scott’s belly let out a moan more suited to a dying giraffe “Then, report at noon sharp tomorrow at the training field. Naruto will show you the way.”. “Why the training field” Scott queried. “ I’m sending Tenten down there to start your physical shinobi training.” Tsunade replied evenly.

how are these? i would love some constuctive feedback. i have been writing for months ( 1 day out of said month lol)
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NAruto: the new chronicles
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