An unofficial gathering of people who are interested in Flashtrek
I would like to thank all users that were active on this forum for their dedication. I am happy to announce however that I am now going by the name B0rgDr0n3 and my new forum is at

This is to take the place of as it is once again down, however I would like to reassure everyone that this time I'm staying. I have a new game source that I am working on, based on Broken Mirror physics but with a great many surprises so come across and join in the action.

Kindest Regards,

B0rgDr0n3 A.K.A. Dondon

An unofficial gathering of people who are interested in Flashtrek
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 Star Trek: Vex

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PostSubject: Star Trek: Vex   Wed 24 Feb - 19:06

Anyone who want to join say...

I need a:

1st Officer
2 Helmsmen
Science Officer
Tactical Officer
Doctor Guy

Its about a ship called the USS Corinthian NX 567234 so its a prototype which has been sent to search the vex system via Harman and Kardon.

Ship Stats:

Shiled Strangth: 3500k
Armour Strangth: 4000k
5 Forwards and Aft Photon and Quantum Torpedo banks
20 forward and aft phaser arrays.

Top Speed: Warp 9.97
Other: Transwarp/Slip Stream Drive

Anyone wanna join in...
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Star Trek: Vex
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