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An unofficial gathering of people who are interested in Flashtrek
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 The Genix: Shine from the Song.

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PostSubject: The Genix: Shine from the Song.   Wed 24 Oct - 4:55

The Genix are an amphibious people, having both lungs and gills which run the length of their neck. They have rubbery skin, teal in color with accents of blue and green. The eyes of a Genix are slightly bioluminescent, seeming almost to glow from within. This may have been a survival technique the primordial Genix used to entrance its prey. The Genix weigh 160-180 pounds on average and grow 6-8 feet tall when fully matured. The Genix body is somewhat wiry, and they have a cartilaginous skeleton, both of which enable them to move through the water with remarkable grace and speed. The Genix are empathic, being able to sense the emotions in others. Many Genix even report being able to almost "feel" the universe, as if they were in direct contact with its substance. This occurrence has been the foundation for their religion and culture.
The Genix religion of "makōran", meaning "Unending Music", focuses around the worship of sound and the goddess "Gēva'naa", which translates to "Great Singer." The Genix have a somewhat poor sense of vision, which they make up for in hearing. The ears of a Genix can here three times father than a human in air and ten times farther in water, which the Genix are equally at home in. Makōran is a somewhat pacifist religion, discouraging against unwarranted harm to others and nature. The Genix consider sound to be of utmost importance, believing that music sung without a purpose is mere noise. A Genix concert is something of a religious experience, to pardon the expression. Some rumors say that people have wasted away, even perished listening to the sweet song of a Genix ensemble. Gēva'naa is believed to have "sung" the universe into existence and we exist to continue the symphony -- the "Unending Music", also "makōran" -- she began. Any violation to the Unending Music (i.e. murder, assault, thievery, etc.) is a crime against nature, and therefore a sin. Like all sin, it is forgivable by Gēva'naa through prayer and a moral lifestyle. But like all gifts, there comes a price.
The Genix are very susceptible to harsh noise. It can cause incapacitation, pain, even physical injury to a Genix if they are exposed to shrill, intense, and "impure" noise. This has given others a method of torture the Genix find distasteful and blasphemous to use. However, through mental conditioning, some Genix are able to push past this weakness. This requires an extreme focusing of will which some Genix are unable to muster.
The Genix government is an empire and, as such, is led by an emperor. The current Emperor of the Genix is Gex Ginevas. The Genix system of rule is hereditary; the Emperor's child will, after proving him/herself worthy of the title, ascend to the throne after the Emperor removes himself from power. This unfortunately has not always proven itself to be 100% effective. There were many of the Ginevas line of emperors who were corrupted by their position. The interesting thing about this is every corrupt ruler has died young. Genix society is strictly egalitarian and, as such, if the Emperor is unable to serve, either by detainment or death, the Emperor's spouse takes over the position. In the event of the Emperor's death, their spouse will continue to rule until a successor is deemed worthy. A Council is elected by the Genix colonies to speak to the Emperor on behalf of different worlds. While these councilors have no real power by themselves, the Emperor is required to at least hear them out before making his/her final decision.
The Genix have no enemies, as such, save one: the "Ziinex", Genix for "betrayers". The Ziinex were originally Genix themselves. They led a revolt against the Empire, claiming renouncement of Makōran and declaring Gēva'naa a false goddess. The Ziinex were driven into space by the Empire where, over a staggeringly short period of 200 years, they evolved into a separate race. The Ziinex have lost the ability to breathe underwater and instead have more powerful lungs, which enable them to hold their breath for about two hours. The pertinent question of how the Ziinex changed their genetic makeup so quickly is still in turmoil. The possibility of genetic engineering was ruled out in the early years of their rediscovery, and countless scientists are trying to determine the answer.

A Genix parting phrase is "Shine from the Song," which is spoken as "tamuva sade enz'gēvi."
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The Genix: Shine from the Song.
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