An unofficial gathering of people who are interested in Flashtrek
I would like to thank all users that were active on this forum for their dedication. I am happy to announce however that I am now going by the name B0rgDr0n3 and my new forum is at

This is to take the place of as it is once again down, however I would like to reassure everyone that this time I'm staying. I have a new game source that I am working on, based on Broken Mirror physics but with a great many surprises so come across and join in the action.

Kindest Regards,

B0rgDr0n3 A.K.A. Dondon

An unofficial gathering of people who are interested in Flashtrek
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 The Next Generation.

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PostSubject: The Next Generation.   Sun 1 Jun - 16:43

I have been debating coming back for nearly a year now but never really had the incentive to do so; I have seen that ALL FlashTrek forums seem to be dead and does not work at all. I decided that it was time to show my face and come back in full force.

I would like to get the old group back together including all previously active users on this forum!

If you still have contact with anyone or if you know how to contact them can you contact me with details or forward this on to them?

Also just a snippet, Vex Xiang left a legacy to me when he disappeared all those years ago and it has sat idle until now. Using the physics of the Broken Mirror series, I have a new game base code and I believe that once the game is completed that it will bring interest back to the FlashTrek series. It is for this reason that the game is to be called FlashTrek: Resurrection.

If you wish to contact me or wish to join back up then please go to which is my new forum. (My new handle for the FlashTrek genre is "B0rgDr0n3").


B0rgDr0ne A.K.A. Dondon
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The Next Generation.
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